Calakmul Expeditions Adventure Tours is an organization specialized in creating unforgettable adventure experiences in the heart of the Mayan jungle of Campeche.   This area is home to a great cultural and natural wealth, since we can find the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site due to its great richness in biodiversity.


The Calakmul Biosphere Reserve borders to the north with the Balam Ku and Balam Kin Reserve in Mexico, to the south with the El Tigre Biosphere Reserve and the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala and to the Southeast with the Conservation Reserve of the Rio Bravo in Belize.   All these reserves make up after the Amazon Reserve the best conserved jungle territory in the American continent.   Calakmul is a pre-Hispanic Mayan archaeological site, located in the nucleus of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve a few kilometers from the border with Guatemala.


The site covers approximately 70 km² and has more than 6000 structures, Calakmul became the capital of a regional state of approximately 13000 km², having been, together with Tikal, El Mirador and Palenque, one of the main regional powers during the period classic of the Mayan culture.   Calakmul was initially discovered in 1931 by the biologist Cyrus Longworth Lundell, later in 1932 it was explored by the famous Mayanist Sylvanus Morley. However, it was not until half a century later, starting in 1982, when large-scale excavations were carried out by William Folan of the Center for Historical and Social Research of the Autonomous University of Campeche as well as the National Institute of Anthropology and Mexico history.


The study initiated by Folan's team concluded that they were facing a center of the Mayan civilization, of great proportions, determining that, depending on the period, it had more allies and power than Tikal itself.   In addition, from the 90s, it is concluded that Calakmul belonged to a much larger organization since it was part of the so-called Kingdom of the Serpent also known as The Kingdom of Kaan or Kan specifically, being Calakmul its capital center , being some of the largest and most important pyramidal structures in the region.   The great advance in the study of Mayan writing, which has been achieved during these years, means that researchers have discovered that Calakmul and Tikal were involved in fierce wars for more than a century; clashes that would mark the political, economic and social evolution of the Mayan cities of the region.

Calakmul is now the object of a large-scale project of the National Institute of Anthropology and History, which began in 1993. Due to the importance of the site, on July 4, 2002, Unesco granted it the designation of Cultural Heritage of Humanity, extending the distinction to Mixed World Heritage Site, on June 21, 2014, recognizing the natural values ​​within the Biosphere Reserve.   Regarding cultural wealth, Calakmul and its surroundings are a magnificent place to find the most important vestiges and ruins of the most important cities of the Mayan culture of the Preclassic and Classic periods where the Mayan culture was born and developed, thus forming the cradle of all the other great cultures that existed in Mexico.


All this great natural and cultural wealth allows us to carry out a large number of Ecotourism and Adventure activities. where in addition to spending an unforgettable day you will help conserve the Biodiversity of the Region


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