>> Bacalar Adventure forms part of Lynx Foundation, A nonprofit conservation  organization that carry out conservation proyects to preserve the biodiversity of the region, mainly in the Counties of Calakmul, Bacalar, Chetumal, anf Othon P. Blanco:




>> These four counties are located near the largest Protected Nature Reserve of Mesoamerica that is formed by the union of 3 nature reserves; Calakmul, Balam Kin and Balam Ku.

>> These 3 Reserves make up a total of 1,243,900 hectares of virgin rainforest, trat preserves around 90% of biodiversity of the entire Yucatan Peninsula.

>> Also Calakmul adjoins the Maya Biosphere Reserve of Guatemala and the Rio Bravo Reserve in Belize, creating a biological corridor between these three countries, forming the most important natural reserve of the entire region with a total of 3,172,200 hectares, only after the Amazon this is the most important reserve for the conservation of Jaguars in America.

>> Unfortunately though this large reserve is protected by the governments of these three countries, there are serious problems of deforestation, poaching and trafficking of species, especially within the limits of the reserve with roads and towns.




>> However, these problems are even bigger in the adjacent counties, since much of the biodiversity that inhabits this great reserve migrate to these places and are carried out by productive activities such as farming, agriculture, logging, etc.

>> In the absence of government protection these problems are much more serious because when this species enter in contact with the human, the biodiversity begin to disappear  causing their geographic isolation and in some cases even their extinction.

>> Because all of this problems, Bacalar Adventure and Lynx Foundation carry out conservation projects and environmental education in the comunities to protect biodiversity and raise awareness among population of the entire region with the objective that man and nature can coexist, living in harmony and in a sustainable manner .

>> By paying our Conservation Fees, hiring our tours, you are supporting this projects so we can continue with this important work.





>> Environmental Education Program in Rainforest Communities for the Protection of Jaguar and its Ecosystem;



Objective : Conduct talks at schools in the communities of the region, with the objective that students know the Jaguar, and teach them the importance of protecting this specie and the rainforest.





>> Conferences of Conservation and Sustainability  With the Rainforest Landlords of the Region

Objective: To generate awareness among rainforest landlords to carry out their productive activities in a sustainable and friendly manner with nature and biodiversity .





>> Conferences With Livestock Owners About the Importance of the Jaguar and its Habitat:

Objective : Promote a Strategic Action Guide for the Conservation of Jaguar and its habitat through discussions with farmers of the region, teaching them how to make their livestock productive activities less harmfull to the rainforest and of course the Jaguar.





>> Enviromental Film Projections in Rainforest Communities:

Objective : Conduct film screenings with environmental themes in rainforest communities, in order to raise enviromental awareness in the population.